What happens if you uninstall a SmartByte?


Here, every individual has reported their issues & what they experienced after they uninstalled the Smart Byte app from their machines are listed. Maybe any of the following can solve your problem too. Now you can read along to know it all.

You can resolve fatal issues & defect in the system.

You may improve buffered time while surfing videos or web browsing sessions and enjoy smooth video chats.

Here, some have also fixed issues with FileZilla – the FTP client. Therefore, this user could perform all operations such as reading, modification, and creating files on a server but could not upload any files. Thus, you can know more about What is SmartByte by reading these steps for reference.

Here, few others were resolving issues like online speed tests on services like Ookla. Therefore, the download test worked OK, but the user upload test was sticking to Zero – Ookla gave firewall issues. But after you uninstall it. Hence, all worked fine.

Here, another user had internet speed issues where he needed fast internet, but he can only receive 100 Mbps alternative 400 Mbps with 802.11AC wifi. Now you can uninstall the Smart Byte from this Dell Inspiron Machine & whoa! It has got 400+ Mbps speed just after the un -installations.

What is the SmartByteTelemetry.exe?

Here, the Smart Byte is an application tool that automatically detects when you are surfing video and feeds most of the available Internet connection.

Hence, if you want to access the Smart Byte network service, you will have to buy the latest Dell system, such as the Inspiron 27 7000 or later. Therefore, no information reveal about making it available as a standalone utility.

Thus, the utility work with both Intel and Realtek wireless chips, which is enabling by default, so you don’t want to worry about installing new Smart Byte drivers and services to get it.

Hence, you would expect your Internet speeds to regulate better when streaming videos with this tool installed.

Thus, this isn’t always the case, as more users are complaining about the tool rather than praising it.

If anyone has high-speed internet and when you do a speed test, you only get 100 Mbps, check to see if Dell has slipped the Smart Byte application onto your PC.

We have a 400 Mbps connection and 802.11AC wifi, and my Inspiron PC would only get 100 Mbps at my ISP’s official speed test site. Here, we went through 3 different AC cards thinking it was them because my Ipad would always give me a speed of 400Mbps.

Also, If connectivity issues are there while performing Speed tests like a poor strength in wireless signal or, say, interference in wireless radio, in these cases, the Smart Byte records those speeds that are slower than what your connection provider can provide. Thus, in all these cases, manual adjustments in Smart Byte settings are the best option. But it slows the internet connectivity.

SmartByte Gives Videos More Bandwidth:

You can enter the Smart Byte, a new software utility that will come preloaded on select Dell laptops, and control which applications get priority connections and which ones can wait patiently for leftovers.  

What is SmartByte network service?

Here, the Smart Byte is an application preinstalled on many modern Dell machines, prioritizing data packets to speed up entertainment and communication applications and services such as streaming video, web browsing, and video chat.

SmartByteTelemetry.exe file information:

Here, the SmartByteTelemetry.exe file is not a Windows system file. Hence, the SmartByteTelemetry.exe file is digitally signed. The SmartByteTelemetry.exe file is a Verisign signed file. Thus, this process is launched automatically by the Windows Task Scheduler. The software can uninstall in the Control Panel. The program has no visible window.

Resolve SmartByteTelemetry issues:
It helps you analyze the SmartByteTelemetry.exe process on your computer. The following programs have proven helpful: A Security Task Manager displays all running Windows tasks, including embedded hidden functions, such as keyboard and browser monitoring or Autostart entries. Thus, a unique security risk rating indicates the likelihood of the process being potential spyware, malware, or a Trojan. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware detects and removes sleeping spyware, adware, Trojans, keyloggers, malware, and trackers from your hard drive.