How to Make Your Branding Accessible


You’ll want the brand to attract all of your future buyers. That is why you will begin your branding by researching and evaluating what would impress and draw your buyer personas. The name is more than just a great logo; it encompasses anything specific to your company or product.

The Value of Accessibility

In a nutshell, usability is the method of producing the brand accessible and fun to persons with disabilities. This may include prospective clients who are blind, deaf, or with cognitive or psychiatric problems.

It may seem impossible at first to build logos that are for everything else; you may also think that making the brand open is not worth the hassle of turning things again, since it is only for a few people. There may be a few things you can do to boost the brand’s usability, and you will not have to undo anything you’ve done. Over experience, you will notice that branding becomes simpler.

Text Dimensions and Readability

You can increase usability by changing the strength of your text on your page, branding, or other written paper. That’s what there is to it. By doing so, you can make it easier for elderly clients or people who are cognitively disabled to access your messages.

Consequently, after you’ve determined an acceptable screen resolution, it’s appropriate to choose the ideal font. We understand that choosing the right font for your brand can be difficult, even without considering usability. After all, it must reflect the company and its ideals in a distinct but not overly popular manner.

Individuals sometimes entertain the idea of selecting a difficult-to-read font for their brand. Consider fact the main intention of your message; it must be clear from the font you select. There are a variety of potential fonts available, so there is no need to use an illegible one. Do you think Netflix, Amazon, or Versace would have the same degree of market recognition if they used confusing and better-looking language?

If you had rather be dyslexia-friendly, we consider using plain serif fonts like Lettering, Font size, or Text size. And according to recent figures, up to 10% of the population suffers from a degree of dyslexia. This is something to hold in mind while you focus on the branding. You would meet more people in the United States alone by using a single serif. 

That’s a lot of potential consumers.

Indications and Color Contrast

Let’s learn about colors now. You are now aware that it is critical to select the right colors for your brand or logos and those colors have meanings. Yellow is associated with laughter, light, and enthusiasm, while red is correlated with rage, passion, and affection.

A further thing you should do to improve the understandability of your text is to use adequate subtle shading between the text and reference colors. If you are unsure where to begin, you can use online color contrast checkers. To obtain a ratio, you must enter the codes for each color.

Then you would expect, the cursive font on a white background is easier to read than light grey text on such a paisley pattern. Feel free to experiment with various color variations to find the one that works well for you. Indeed, could you see colorblind people when deciding on the right colors for your brand? As previously said, almost one out of every twelve men is colorblind. There are also several apps and software available to help you see what these visually disabled individuals see. With your records, red and green are almost always the two colors that those with color vision loss find the most complicated to see. 

A few pointers, but you must educate yourself while working on your branding. You should look up which disorders the individuals you’re looking at are more likely to have.

There are also several sites available on the internet where you can investigate. We sincerely agree that this is possible to build something that would be both open and appealing. Utilize your invention! Look for examples! Something quick can be done.

Feel free to email alliances to put your ideas to the test as well. They will most likely be able to provide insight and assist you in considering areas of usability where you might have overlooked. The transform may begin with small specifics, such as applying braille code to a company logo or adding lyrics to a commercial film. It is not a difficult task!

To summarise, it is now simpler than ever to build available prototypes. As a result, it would indeed be beneficial if you used this time to make items that everybody would appreciate. Don’t neglect to have an open platform, since this is where you can compile all of your brand’s core components.